Lax regulations, opportunity-seeking of private capital and early market rebound following COVID-19 contributed to the unprecedented rise of the SPAC in 2020. However, the trend seems to have slowed at the beginning of 2021, possibly signaling a return to “traditional” VC models

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Guest Contributor at Geektime / 24 Jun 2021

Written by Lee Moser, founder, and managing partner of AnD Ventures, and Roman N. Lasker, partner at AnD Ventures Studio

2020 will largely be remembered as the year of COVID-19 — from the global health crisis to the countless economic and social issues that followed. However, to millions of investors, 2020 will also be remembered as the year of the SPAC. Indeed, thanks to the rising awareness and understanding of…

Phillip Stein & Associates > Blog > Episode 111: $50M Is Just the Beginning for AnD Ventures

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Israel-based AnD Ventures just launched with a seed fund of $50 Million! In this episode, Philip chats with their Managing Partner, Lee Moser, about the world of Venture Capital funds and High-tech in Israel. Tune in and enjoy!

Philip Stein Podcast with Lee Moser [Transcript]

Lee Moser- managing partner of AnD Ventures, a former partner at iAngels and former chief of staff of the Israeli ambassador in Washington D.C, MBA graduate from Northwestern University.

Stein: you are the managing partner of AnD…

AnD Ignite Tokyo is a unique & powerful joint venture aimed at bridging Israeli technology and the Japanese market, naming Mizuho Bank, Ltd. as a strategic partner.

26th, May, 2021 — — Ignition Point (Japan), AnD Ventures (Israel), and Kaito Consulting Services (Israel) announced today a new joint venture: AnD Ignite Tokyo

AnD Ignite Tokyo is a unique platform providing Japanese corporations an innovative new approach accelerating top Israeli and Japanese startups, using corporate battle-tested methodologies, adjusting those technologies to the Japanese market needs, and nourishing both the Israeli and Japanese ecosystems.

In parallel, the joint venture will assist early-stage…

Lee Moser, Managing Partner, AnD Ventures

Not just in the history books, but the current global circumstances show as well, perhaps counterintuitively, that crisis periods hold a great opportunity for investors. Several major firms were first established during crises, including General Motors, Trader Joe’s, Microsoft, and Apple. Tech Unicorns also embarked during crises, such as WhatsApp, Uber, Airbnb, Cloudera, and Spotify, founded during the 2007 financial crisis. These startups are amongst 10 global tech firms founded in crises that we collected data on, which shows that their current average valuation stands at an astonishing $31.7B.

Despite the hardships crises entail, global trends in successful ventures during…

From its inception, it was clear to all partners at AnD Ventures, that our community is a fundamental part of our existence.

With this understanding in mind, we envisioned harnessing our founders, investors, and corporate partners, to do good for our immediate community.

We are excited to share that we have started 2021 with a breath of fresh air!

Today we are officially launching our AnD GIVE platform — which provides us a multitude of innovative possibilities for ourselves, as well as our immediate community to help others and do good for our extended community in Israel.

Through AnD GIVE

AnD Ventures

AnD Ventures is an early-stage VC investing in extraordinary people & frontier technologies.

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